Marans Weisz & Newman provides an abundance of services for real estate developers in NYC including everything from preparing offering plans to managing the entire sales process.





 Project Development

Represent developers of major residential and commercial projects, providing guidance as to project feasibility, negotiating transactional and financing documents and closing transactions for acquisition and financing overall projects. Often the firm is able to arrange financing with traditional and non-traditional lenders.


• Condominium Offering Plans
Prepare offering plans for developers of commercial and residential properties.


• Condominium Sale Program
Represent developers in the sale of condominium and cooperative unit, providing a special emphasis on expediting contract execution and closings as well as establishing a close working relationship with brokers to achieve these goals. At the request of the sponsors, from the proceeds of the sale of units, the firm will handle the pay down of the senior and subordinated lenders.


• Tax Benefits Program
Prepare and expedite applications on behalf of for profit and not-for-profit entities for real estate tax exemptions and abatements under the J-51, 421(a), 420(c) and ICIP programs.

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• Lot Subdivision Work

Prepare process and file parking, sewer and driveway easements, lot mergers and subdivisions.


 Affordable Housing Transactions
Represent developers, not-for-profits and syndicators in connection with affordable housing transactions including transactions utilizing low income housing tax credits.

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