The mission of Marans Weisz & Newman, LLC is a simple one: to bring our years of legal and business experience (in both the private and public sectors) to bear on the unique issues present in every real estate transaction; to assist our clients to make informed decisions in the constantly changing real estate markets; to identify critical issues and craft creative solutions to ensure a successful project for our clients and to help our clients maximize profits for each project.  A brief description of the firm’s practice follows.

Condo Sales Program


The Condo Sales Program represents sponsors when the buildings have been built and the units are ready for sale. We take care of the entire process from contract preparation of the very first Unit to the closing of the very last Unit.


Developer Legal Services


We work  in a number of areas to assist our clients in maximizing the value of their projects by obtaining tax exemptions for construction work and handling various administrative matters necessary to project completion including:

  • Preparing condominium offering plans

  • Site acquisitions
  • Financing support (Including constructions loans & project loans)
  • Expediting J-51, 420(c), 421(a) , 421(b) and ICIP tax exemptions and abatements
  • Preparing and filing condominium lot subdivision
  • Preparing and filing of sewer, driveway and parking easements


Additional Legal Services


In addition to the services above MWN provides services including  Affordable Housing Transactions, Purchaser Representation in real estate transactions, Commercial Lease Negotiations & Debt Funding.



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